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AUDITION:|AUGUST 12th @ 12 PM-Dancers must sing for this audition.
Call Backs: 6 PM
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Under the direction of Bryan Beaman is Broadway Bound Elite, a competitive Musical Theater Troupe that features some of the best musical theater kids in the area. This is for students age 10-17 that are intermediate-advanced to advanced in either voice, dance, or acting.  Members must have a minimal background in dance, be able to sing harmonies, and willing to belt!

      This class combines elements of jazz and acting. With this style of dance, dancers work through jazz technique while portraying a character. Using songs from Broadway musical and music-based movies, this competitive Musical Theater Troupe focuses on emoting through voice, dance, and acting.

      The audition for the 2018-19 Broadway Bound Elite Troupe is Sunday, August 5th at 12 PM for both singers and dancers. All will sing at this time. There will be a Callback at 6 PM, but only for those the Director wishes to see dance. That will last until approximately 8 PM.

       For Season 10, BBE is committed to competing at Encore, DCS the weekend of Feb. 1-3, 2019 right here in Myrtle Beach. They will also compete at Kids Artistic Revue next April. Held in the beautiful Convention Hall Theater in North Charleston, last year’s BBE performance garnered the group a the title of Top Intermediate Small Group age 9 - 11 and 3rd Overall! For Overalls, BBE must compete with dance troupes, and to place 3rd Overall in its first year of existence is phenomenal. This gives one a little insight into what can be expected from this group five years from now. BBE also performs in Carolina Christmas Spectacular and CFPAA Grand Showcases. Additional performance opportunities are considered as they present themselves.

Members of BBE are required to be enrolled in the BBE course as well as jazz and one other dance genre of their choice (contemporary is only available if the BBE member is also enrolled in Ballet).  More details can be found at by clicking the box below.



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