CFPAA's Annual Academy Showcases!

Annual June Showcases! At the State of the Art, 2,000 seat Beach Church Theater. Next Showcase is June 15, 2019!

Performance Opportunities through  CFPAA

Professional Entertainers and CFPAA students collaborate to create a top notch, annual Holiday Production.  

Musical Munchkins: Ages 4-7

Spotlight: Jr. Theater Ensemble: Ages 8-13

This full-fledged production course consists of 12 weeks of training, rehearsal, and preparation for the junior musical production of The Little Mermaid! Ms. Bonnie Ryerson will be directing this production, for which no audition is required, beginning the week of January 14th. This three-month course with culminating production, includes 12 weeks of training at 2 hours a week, plus a Tech week, and ultimately, our very own musical production adaptation of The Little Mermaid! The tuition for this course is $350.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. The remaining $175 tuition will be due by March 11th.* ** 1st sibling discounted rate: $300,  2nd sibling rate: $250.00**The registration fee is $25 for new students, but register by December 21st, using the code CFPAAMM, and receive a $15 rebate! 

Summer 2018
High Steppin' Country
Pre Show Casts


Broadway Bound Elite: ​A competitive Musical Theater Troupe that features the best singers and dancers ages 10-17. Members must be well trained dancers and/or singers. This class combines elements of jazz and acting. With this style of dance, dancers work through jazz technique while portraying a character. Using songs from Broadway and movies, Musical Theater focuses on our inner actor/actress. The audition for the 2017-18 Broadway Bound Elite Troupe is August 5th at 12 PM.

Broadway Bound Elite:

CFPAA's Competitive Musical Theater Troupe

High Steppin Country Pre Show:

Made up of CFPAA students only

High Steppin' Country is Myrtle Beach’s longest running show, and it is the only production in the state that is done on an ocean front stage, just feet from the ocean’s waters. The cast is made of over ten singers and dancers that range in age from 16-22. It is a phenomenal production that sells out on a regular basis. Choreographed by CFPAA Co-Owner Bryan Beaman, it is a fast-paced, high energy experience that takes the audience through several genres and decades of music. It is truly a hidden treasure of South Carolina. It is located within Lakewood Camping Resort. The producers of the show have been gracious over the past few years to allow CFPAA, and CFPAA only, the opportunity to showcase and promote our "tween" talent. This provides many of our students with the opportunity to perform live in front of sold out audiences, and for those hoping to be  a cast member when they are of age, this provides on-site training that positions our kids more likely to be cast in the professional, paying, main show. The show runs throughout the summer every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:30 with the preshow starting at 8:15. For tickets, call 843-447-7343.

Carolina Christmas Spectacular

Let your kids be introduced to the wonderful world of live theater as they begin acting out songs, learning simple dances, and staging mini productions that culminate in informal presentations for family and friends at the end of the courses. Musical Munchkin courses come with abridged versions of classic kids stories/musicals and are presented with only a suggestion of costumes and sets. Musical Munchkin Productions are small in scale, but massive in impact and developmental value, as demonstrated by enthusiastic feedback from parents. Musical Munchkins Winter Session will perform their version of Peter Pan!
  • Course tuition: for students currently enrolled in Storybook Theater-$150.00,

For new students-$175.00*  1st sibling discounted rate: $130.00,  2nd sibling rate: $100.00

  • *The registration fee is $25 for new students, but register by December 21st, using the code CFPAAMM, and receive a $15 rebate! Register online at, or by calling 843-903-3898, beginning November 26th!